Light and Linen

It’s that weird time of summer where you’re kind of over it but also not quite ready to let go. The days are still long and hot but the nights are getting a tad longer and chillier as August goes on. Like the end of a relationship you’re desperately trying to hold onto – bursts of hot and cold, never quite finding that ‘comfortable’ temperature you used to have. For me especially, the summer was hard. It definitely wasn’t light and flouncy like summers of my past. Heartache, anger, and sadness was swept under my doorstep all at once. I spent my June and July wishing for summer to end for the first time in my life, not enjoying the humidity and heat that I usually long for for months the entire rest of the year. But, now that August is here, and now that I’m healed, I just want to sit down on a bench with it. Stay a while. Catch up. Give it one last hug before it, too, leaves and gives way to chillier months and feelings. In these last few weeks of summer, simplicity is my mantra.

Everyone has their ‘lazy’ sweats that they can throw on whenever they get home from work. Some even have their lazy jeans that are worn and broken in, rid of any stiffness. Me? I have my lazy dress. Something that I can throw on and leave the house without thinking twice. The one piece that will be timelessly chic, fit my body lovingly loose, breathe when it’s hot out, and drape over me when it’s cool. Paired with a pair of suede Marc Fisher mules and a summery wicker envelope clutch, this piece is ready for the city – but don’t be surprised if you also see me walking down the beach, barefoot in the surf, catching the last of the summer sunsets clad in this dress.

Best part? Everything is Marshall’s. Brands are linked below. Bargain!

Dress: Antibes Blanc // Shoes: Marc Fisher // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Clutch:


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