The Sunday Sum Up [8/26]

The Sunday Sum Up [8/26]

It’s time for the Sunday Sum Up – a place to make you kinda sorta forget about the Sunday scaries as you enjoy your last few hours of your weekend. Here I’ll be sharing a little bit of everything in a slice of life format. Think of it as a smorgasbord of what I’ve been up to, new products I’m obsessed with, what I’m reading (books and articles), my latest movie obsessions, getaways I’ve been planning, meal prep, and more!



Okay, I was bad and missed last week’s Sunday Sum Up – I just returned from a week down the shore with my family and came home to an inbox full of freelance projects that I had to get cracking on. LIFE, MAN. Anyways, I had a few awesome experiences in NYC worth sharing. Actually, I’ve already shared one of them – a lymphatic drainage at Shapehouse! Check out the post here.

I also had the opportunity to sit in on an intimate AMA with Paula Begoun, founder of Paula’s Choice (one of my favorite beauty and skincare brands). Catch some of her answers to the beauty industry’s most pressing questions on my Instagram highlights! Some things that she mentioned that I’m most excited about?

  • Pollution defense is going to become just as mandatory in your skincare regime as sunscreen. Tropospheric ozone is oxidized pollution that is seeping into our skin and damaging our organs from the inside out.


  • Skincare products that tout a perfect blend of probiotics for your skin is B.S. Everyone’s microbiome is unique, like a fingerprint, so there is no “perfect” blend that is one-size-fits-all. What IS in production, and being continuously researched, is a blend of pre and post probiotics AKA the materials that probiotics need to survive and flourish on your skin so your own unique microbiome can thrive on surface-level.


  • Paula is super, super adamant about keeping your screens on yellow light instead of blue light. Blue light is not good for your skin. At all. And there’s an increase of macular degeneration because of our phone addiction. What Paula says, goes.


Articles I’ve Been Loving

Aretha Franklina beautiful tribute to the Queen of Soul as told by a reporter from Detroit who had grown up with Aretha’s voice and influence. There were so many articles released when we learned of her passing, but this one seemed the most raw and relatable to me.

Fashion Activism – MBG released this amazing interview with Celine Semaan, the founder of fashion tech lab Slow Factory. It’s an interesting look at how the fashion industry, which has long been a source of “elitism and environmental degradation” is starting to become an antidote based on the emerging awareness of who made your clothes, and how they made them. With millennials becoming increasingly conscious of where they’re spending their money, and what message they are sending to the world with their purchases, it’s safe to assume fashion brands much like Slow Factory will follow the trend of ethical and purposeful clothing.

Food – Bon Appetit just released their annual list of America’s 10 Best New Restaurants. I added all of them to my 1100 bookmarks on Yelp…

Girl Power – Released by the Smithsonian, this is an exclusive look into the rather unknown world of female Soviet code breakers during the Cold War. An amazing read about an otherwise hushed government initiative, of which men mostly took the glory for.

Rihanna is coming to fashion week! And closing it out. NBD.

RIP to your favorite high school eyeshadow palette. My bet is that it’s a PR stunt a la IHOB.

Eventbrite is going public, people! Your fave ticketing site just filed to raise up to $200 million in IPO.


This Week’s Wishlist: Wild Thing

“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral,” Jenna Lyons once said. My inner Jersey girl completely agrees. Here are a few pieces that I am drooling over (and literally go with everything).

  1. Silk AND leopard? Slay me. This slinky button-up by PAIGE will bring you from the office to a sultry date-night dinner in a blink of an eye (and maybe a swipe of lipstick). Sizes are going fast!
  2. I love me a pair of joggers as much as the next person. I spotted (hehe) this pair by Kendall + Kylie 50% off at TJ Maxx (aka my other home) and will be ordering a pair for myself very soon. Brisk autumn morning walks got nothing on me!
  3. Another TJ find! This pair of ballet flats will look amazingly chic under a flowy, neutral maxi skirt in the fall months and, guess what, they’re only $40!
  4. Obsessed with the leopard version of Rebecca Minkoff’s signature crossbody. The leather accents will go perfectly with your new leather boots for fall, and instantly adds an edge to your GNO look.
  5. I recently purchased this it-girl satin skirt that everyone is wearing (hey, if it’s good for Elsa Hosk, it’s good for me), but come the cooler temps, I would definitely trade it in for this Italian wool skirt by Max Mara. I can picture myself styling it with literally everything, from a baggy turtleneck to a crisp white button down.
  6. Yes, mules have been the thing for a while now, but I want to give a little love to the loafers of the world. Imagine how amazing these would look with a menswear-inspired outfit – ankle-cropped pants, an oversized crisp button-down, chunky leather bag, and glasses. Okay, I just convinced myself to get these.
  7. I love me a cozy leopard sweater as much as the next person, but the ribbed trimming on this printed sweater turned me into the heart-eyes emoji. Good job, Veronica Beard.
Added To The Library

How To Get Sh*t Done by Erin Falconer has earned a spot on my shelf for being one of the only productivity books that takes into account the cultural pressures women experience as they make their to-do lists (hello, glass ceiling). An amazing read, packed with honest, real-life, easy-to-implement advice that will make you feel like a boss in no time!

In My Earbuds: Goodbye, Summer

A kiss goodbye to our favorite fling – summer. Filled with nostalgia, acoustics, and surfer synths, here’s a playlist fit for your last week of August, no matter how you’re spending it.

Product of the Week

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara by Tarte

By far my favorite mascara yet! This vegan formula lengthens, curls, voluminizes, and conditions lashes so that they appear 330% percent (WTF?!) bigger. I also found that it rarely, if ever, clumps or flakes (even when I accidentally fall asleep in makeup…). Get a tube and fall in love for yourself here!



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