All Is Fair…

All Is Fair…

It’s Labor Day weekend and the nostalgia of summer days past is flaring up, only fueled more by the fair that came to town. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there is always a bittersweet taste on the tip of my tongue that only a carnival can bring about. Maybe because it marks the end of summer. Or, possibly, because it reminds me of summer loves past when times were simpler, and your only worry was if you had the right amount of tickets to ride the ferris wheel again. The carnival always comes around my birthday, so it could be the realization that I am one year older…and older…and older. It could also be that every year I see less and less of the regulars at the food stands – some who have gotten too old to come and make their zeppoles, passing the job onto their grandkids, and some who have just passed on altogether. All this emotion, though, paired with its opposite – the magical lights, music, smells, people, and smiles that literally just popped up overnight – a celebration of it all.

I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way – just look at the movies and the scenes we consider iconic. Obviously, there’s Grease, the over-the-top pickup from The Notebook, the cringe-worthy scene from Big, the mischievous night from The Sandlot, and the terrifying carnival chase in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Basically sh*t goes down at carnivals for a reason. It’s a temporary playland that’s here today and gone the next, as if it never happened. Your chances of making memories here have a short lifespan, so it’s time to take the plunge, shoot your shot, and YOLO out. Play those games, eat that food, kiss that guy, ride that questionable roller coaster, get in that photobooth – you say you want your life to be like the movies? Well then, the scene is all set for you. Act on it before the summer is over.

For an evening of pictures and zeppoles (devoured in .2 seconds), I tossed on these gingham print flared pants that are currently on super sale from Urban Outfitters, snazzed up a plain cotton tank with a simple elastic, and found this vintage straw purse in my mom’s closet (spoiler: it’s mine now). Shop all the pieces below!


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