The Sunday Sum Up [9/23]

It’s time for the Sunday Sum Up – a place to make you kinda sorta forget about the Sunday scaries as you enjoy your last few hours of your weekend. Here I’ll be sharing a little bit of everything in a slice of life format. Think of it as a smorgasbord of what I’ve been up to, new products I’m obsessed with, what I’m reading (books and articles), my latest movie obsessions, getaways I’ve been planning, meal prep, and more!



It’s been a busy two-ish weeks since I’ve done a Sunday Sum Up, but, hey, I had NYFW and my birthday to attend. For fashion week, I attended a handful of runway shows and some accessory releases. I’ll be doing a roundup of s/s ’19 fashion trends next week (spoiler: really, really looking forward to some new sherbet colors other than millennial pink).

Turning 24 is weird – not as much excitement surrounding it as, say, 21 and even 22. Nevertheless, I still managed to write out a list of literal ‘new year resolutions’ that acts sort of as a bucket list for the next year ahead. Some of my favorite?

  • Get my workouts back on track…literally – I’ve been suh-laaacking with my gym time, lately. I definitely don’t feel as physically strong or quick as I was just 4 months ago and that needs to change. It’s been four days and so far, so good, but setting fitness and running goals (like completing the annual Thanksgiving 8k within 40 minutes) are keeping me uber focused. With that, getting my nutrition back on par is just as important…just a little scared with all that Halloween candy and yearning for comfort food come the cold weather.


  • Career Change – I know that freelancing has been fun and actually lucrative for me, but enough with the draining startups, Marlena. After evaluating what I want and how I want to progress with my career, it’s time for a positive career change and a mentor (and benefits…). Time to update that resume and start applying.


  • Explore at least two new places this year – I’m hoping it’s more than just two, but I can’t predict what my schedule will be like come the next few months. Still, there’s no excuse not to travel at 24. I have more energy than ever, more questions that I need answering than ever, and more restlessness than ever. Someone get me a plane ticket and a cocktail, please. Thanks.


  • Become more involved in local and national politics – I think this one speaks for itself. It’s not that I’m not informed about what’s happening in this country. Actually, I can talk for hours about it. It’s the lack of action I’ve taken that bothers. Besides voting, what have I really done to assist the change I want to see in this country and support the policies I want implemented? Time to take a stand.



Articles I’m Loving

A look at the new biography of celebrity photographer, Orlando Suero. At 93 years old, he has spent a decent part of his life working with some of the biggest stars of the time, including Brigitte Bardot, Charlie Chaplin, Paul Newman, the Kennedys, and more. Still, his work has been under-the-radar until now. With the help of his son, his story (and photographs) is now shared in Orlando: Photography.


Clean and natural beauty is what everyone is using now, but how did we get to this point? What made us so scared of the products our parents knew and loved? This Vox article explores the history of our changing beauty environment in an easy-to-digest format.


SNL fans unite! An amazing biography of Maya Rudolph was recently published in the NYT magazine. It touches upon her crazy successful career, obviously, but also her life growing up motherless and mixed raced. Inspiring from beginning to end. Seriously, this author is extremely talented.


The new iPhone release is now just as expected as the leaves changing color every fall. I, with my handy dandy 16g iPhone 6s have been thinking about an upgrade (if I see that ‘storage full’ message one more time…). Here’s a really good review of the new iPhone Xs by Techcrunch, plus a more condensed version of a bunch of reviews put together by Thrillist. Chances of upgrading? Very high.


Nike has been in the news…a lot…for the past month after debuting Colin Kaepernick as the new face of it’s latest campaign. The athletic brand has been pushing the envelope in terms of how brands collide with politics despite controversial backlash from both political sides. However, the brand built on telling people to ‘Just Do It’ may owe its success to The Beatles. Read a brief history of how using one of the Fab Four’s songs lead to the success of one of the most iconic labels of our time.


Fashion weeks around the world have been going green. London Fashion Week is officially fur free – the first fashion week in history to do so! MBG has also wrapped up the most eco-friendly moments of NYFW. Very interested to see how the other countries will be evolving their styles to keep up with the eco-awareness trend.


Ya put the lime in the Coke, you nut, and drink it all up (don’t @ me at my pun). But really, Coca-Cola is looking to start a line of CBD beverages. Although they have yet to pull the trigger on production, they would be one of the most significant brands to make a move into the marijuana sector. Still, the cannabis industry on a large production scale is still in its infancy and there are not enough large-scale producers to work with on a foray as large as this. Time will tell on this one.



This Week’s Wishlist: Full-On Fall

It’s officially fall and my basic witch ass is ready. for. it. Stocking up on all of the essentials like sweaters, boots, booties, flannels, jackets and more! Click to shop (a lot of them are affordably priced)!


Added To The Library

Beartown by Fredrik Backman (A Man Called Ove) is the book that has a little bit of everything in it AND impeccable writing that just keeps those pages turning. It’s a thriller set in a small town, but there’s so much more than that. It’s an ode to hockey, a cautionary tale of small town thinking, a coming-of-age story, a drama. In a word, the novel is honest. I highly recommend if you’re looking to get lost in a story and the wonderful words of Backman.


In My Earbuds: Fall Acoustic

c/o vintage-candy @ tumblr

The scene is set. It’s officially fall, there’s crunchy leaves on the ground. You throw on your leather jacket, maybe a scarf too. You’re getting ready to head off to your coffee shop to grab a latte before you catch your train/bus to work. You untangle your headphones and put them in. You’re craving the ‘opening credits of an Indie movie’ vibe. I come in clutch with your Autumn Acoustics filled with Indie faves, acoustic covers, jazz, and all those chill vibes to go with that PSL. You’re welcome.



Product of the Week

Summer Friday’s Overtime Mask

Literally advertised as a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for your face, I am beyond excited to say that I have tried, and LOVE Summer Friday’s Overtime Mask (and not just because it smells great)! As a followup to their ultra-moisturizing Jet Lag mask (y’know, the one that sold out in a flash a few months ago), the Overtime Mask works to exfoliate your skin and give your face a natural glow using natural ingredients. Obviously there is pumpkin involved – great for hyperpigmentation – but there’s also oat kernel protein and apricot seed powder to polish away dead skin and fight free radicals. Smells great, works great, has a permanent spot in my mask arsenal. Treat yourself here!




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