With A Devilish Smirk + Some Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey ladies!

Halloweekend is finally here and it’s time to get wicked. Whether you’re queuing up in line outside of your favorite bar, throwing your own party, checking out a haunted house, or curling up with a scary movie, it’s essential you do it in some sort of Halloween fashion. It’s up to you to decide if you go all-out in costume, or just spruce up your look with some spooky accessories and witchy patterns. Me? I like to balance my nights out with a mixture of both.

For a casual dinner/drinks with a possible ‘going out’ scenario, you’ll catch me in this outfit: a deep-cut celestial bodysuit, my comfiest pair of black jeans, a pair of sassy patent leather mary-janes, and a hint of Halloween with my vintage devil bag I found on Poshmark (which I’m obsessed with).

Still, I can’t say no to a costume party when the opportunity arises! As I am a big supporter of DIY costumes (fun fact: I’ve never been in a Spirit of Halloween pop-up store), here are a few go-to costumes you can easily throw together last-minute with pieces you already have in your closet:

  • Betty Cooper + Jughead // Veronica + Archie: For all my Riverdale friends out there, this is one of the easiest couples costumes you can make. For Betty, throw on a pair of jeans, collared shirt, grey sweater, cut out a yellow crown, slap that baby onto your shirt, slick your hair back into a ponytail and call it a day! Veronica may be a bit fancier, but a LBD, pumps, pearls, and an overuse of ‘Daddy’ and ‘Archiekins’ will get you into character. For the guys, a leather jacket + beanie cut into a crown will work for Jughead, and a varsity jacket and an overdeveloped hero complex will make any guy into Archie Andrews.

  • Holly Golightly: I’m not talking about the infamous black dress, pearls, cigarette, beehive shot from Breakfast At Tiffany’s here. I’m talking the over-sized men’s shirt, sleep mask, one-earring, hair down Holly Golightly. Hey, it’s a straight-shot to your bed after the party’s over, so win-win!

  • Beyonce: Who hasn’t seen the APESHIT music video? Who isn’t intimidated by this power couple? Who doesn’t want to be them for a night? Luckily matching suit sets are a bit trend this fall, so you’re good to go if you have a pink one on hand. If not, it’s the perfect excuse to buy one.


  • Lindsay Lohan: I can watch that video of her dancing in Mykonos over and over and over and over again. Throw on a slinky silver jumpsuit, have a few drinks, and bust out your worst moves. People will get it, I promise.


  • Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born: Okay, I know you have some rock n roll-inspired pieces. If not, get yourself some leopard print jeans, a black tank top, and brimmed hat. Bonus points if you can actually sing Shallow on pitch. Extra double bonus points if you can give me Bradley Cooper’s real number.


  • Westworld character: Just like the pantsuits, prairie chic has been popping up in closets across America. If you have a southern belle-esque skirt or dress (aka lots of layers, probably a print, maxi length, high-necked), throw that on. If you’re good at makeup, maybe add a few bullet-holes on your body (or just buy some stick-on wounds).


Shirt: About Us // Jeans: Carmar // Shoes: Sezane // Bag: Vintage



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