The Two Pairs Of Shoes That Will Carry You Through The Holidays (and Won’t Break Your Wallet)

The Two Pairs Of Shoes That Will Carry You Through The Holidays (and Won’t Break Your Wallet)

*This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included shoes as compensation.*

Pop Quiz!

Question #1: The holidays are _______.

a)       Fun

b)      Busy, busy, busy

c)       Stressful

d)      All of the above

If you answered D, I’m right there with you. The most wonderful time of the year is, of course, my favorite few weeks in December and being able to spend Christmas in New York City is nothing less than magical, with songs bursting out of storefronts and twinkling lights that somehow make the city even brighter than they were before. However…once I hear the first notification ‘ping’ on my phone announcing the first holiday party of the season, my heart flutters in excitement and then drops as I mentally prepare for my calendar to be flooded with an endless amount of events – parties, Secret Santas, cookie swaps, happy hours, office parties, Christmas Eve dinners, New Years Eve plans…you get the gist.

Now, hear me out, I love your parties – I’ll be there, I promise. What I do not like is running uptown and downtown, hailing taxis, hopping onto subways, trying to tell the driver what my cross streets are for, like, the eighteenth time all while bundled up in holiday outfits and, more often than not, cute but uncomfortable shoes.

The shoes really make or break the nights, ladies, especially during the frantic rush of the holidays. Luckily, I was able to find the perfect shoe at Kohl’s that can bring me from office to eggnog effortlessly. I’ve been a huge fan of Clark’s for a while now – they were one of the only pairs of knee-high boots that were crafted with soles that could handle even the iciest of winters while I was at school in Boston. Now that I’m back in NYC, I have been in need of a city-friendly bootie made with the same amount of craftsmanship and comfortability I had in my first pair. While browsing Kohl’s selection of Clark’s shoes, I found the Emslie Twist and ordered a pair in .2 seconds. While the Emslie Twist definitely fits the “NYC-Uniform” ensemble – black leather everythaaang – the subtle, but noticeable, suede cuff was a unique touch while not being overtly “in-your-face.” AKA these little babies will look ultra-chic at your Xmas party and, since they’re Clark’s, I know I won’t be circling the couch waiting for someone to get up so I can rest my aching feet. Catch me in the dance circle this year!

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Of course, online shopping is a habit of mine and Kohl’s has such a great collection of shoes at amazing prices, so could you really blame me for buying these PUMA Prowl Alt Knit sneaks? Working out is always a New Year’s resolution of mine but, looking at my calendar now, I know that I’m going to be needing some mind-clearing runs and gym sessions starting this month. With a festive burgundy color and gold accents, I’m sure these stylish sneakers will encourage me to get out more often this season plus, they’re cute and comfy enough to just throw on and go for some last minute shopping before Christmas. Kohl’s has plenty of other athletic styles in their Puma selection, so be sure to check out their site

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Luckily, Kohl’s is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs and is having a MASSIVE shoe sale to help you stock up on my latest and most favorite picks (and a few pars for the rest of the fam while you’re at it). Be sure to check it out so you can close out 2018 and strut into 2019 in style!

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