Your January 2019 Horoscope

Welcome one and all to 2019! As the saying goes, “New Year, New _____.”  I usually insert the word ‘ass’ (y’girl needs to be more consistent with her squats #yearofthethicc) but until that day comes, we’re going go with…New Year, New Series. Yes, I’m revving up the horoscopes! Doubting my stargazing abilities? Well, I was the in-house witch at my old media job where I’d write the monthly horoscopes for thousands of readers. My aunt is a legit astrologist and has filled me in on all the possible meanings of nodes, moons, sextiles, eclipses, trines, squares, transits, houses, and…ugh, retrogrades. And I follow @notallgeminis on Instagram. So, not to brag, but my astro-resume is pretty much stacked. Still in doubt? Must be a Libra. Don’t know your sun, moon, and rising sign? Click here!

Well, let’s jump right into this. 2019 is shaping up to be a crazy (the good kind of crazy, not the bad) year according to the stars. Retrogrades are finally ending (save for Mercury who goes retro every couple of weeks), we have lunar eclipses (including a SUPERMOON ECLIPSE, hunni), we have some rare cosmic aspects that haven’t shown face for decades, and we have a stellium that hasn’t happened in 4,000 years. Fun stuff, right? Okay, okay, let’s talk about YOU.

You’re the OG fire sign, Aries, so don’t expect to just stroll into 2019. Rip into the new year with the gusto and energy you are famous for. We’ll be experiencing a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th, an event that will help you ram down any opportunities to go the extra mile. It’s also a great time to take a look at your career path as we’re in Capricorn season – the goal-digger of the zodiac. Are you truly happy where you are? Are there ways to advance within your current position? If not, time to pivot!

Uranus goes direct in your sign on the 6th. Uranus rules all that is innovative and is obsessed with originality and individuality. The holidays may have made you feel…blech. It’s time to get your groove back, Aries, and switch up your routine. Try out a new workout class, ditch your regular Starbucks and check out that indie coffee shop down the street, make the first move on that guy you always see on your commute, or incorporate a new hyaluronic acid serum into your nightly routine. You have this placement for the next eight weeks, so make the most of it – Uranus won’t be in Aries again until 2095!

Aquarius season starts on the 20th. It’s a season full of eccentrics, abstracts, and progressiveness due to this air sign’s nature. However, you may be feeling a bit odd ringing in the season…listening to your old emo playlist from middle school, mood swings galore, etc. You’ll soon emerge from your preteen ways and channel the angsty energy into a progressive state of mind. You’ll likely stumble across a social cause that stirs your soul this month, and with progressive Aquarian energy surrounding you, it’s be time to get your picket fences at the ready! Whether it be for animal rights, a feminist cause, or the immigration crisis, be sure to bring all you have to the cause.

We’re met with a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on the 21st. Full moons represent the culmination of a phase of your life. This time around, we’re talking about relationships, Aries. You and a partner, romantic or not, will come to a fork in the road. You may have had your differences in the past but have been able to pave over the potholes and move on. However, it’s a make-or-break moment this time around. If you guys don’t move past this celestial placement hand-in-hand, don’t worry – when one door closes, another one opens, so chin up – it’s just the beginning of 2019, Aries.

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Oh, luxe Taurus – whether you rung in the New Year with a savory surf and turf from your favorite steakhouse, or at a glam NYE party with a champagne fountain, this year has a lot of positive things in store for you. Do you often find yourself saying “One day I’ll _____”? Well, the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th will finally allow you to take your first step towards whatever you filled in the blank. You have the tailwind, now it’s time to charge towards that resolution! This cosmic placement also encourages travel. Have a long distance flirt? Take a trip to visit him/her. Already have someone special? Something tells me the word ‘vacation’ will taste great on your tongue.

Uranus finally goes direct on the 6th in fiery Aries, the sign of action. Have a to-do list that has only gotten longer since the holidays? This planet placement will help you get everything done in a creative way.

The 20th brings a big HBD to Aquarius season. Despite the innovative, creative, and individual energy surrounding this sign, you’re gonna be moody AF. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it for you…you’re going to a helluva lot to handle. Stay in and pamper yourself – take a bath, throw on a face mask, and focus on your favorite subject: you. It’s also a great time for career opportunities, so perhaps update your resume before trying to find a different ending on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch for the thirtieth time. Be sure to get your power suit ready for Monday so you can walk into work showing the boss what you’ve got – a promotion could soon be in your future.

As the token homebody of the zodiac, you’re really going to enjoy the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on the 21st. This placement is all about home home home for you. Looking for that dream apartment in the Village to rent? You’ll find it. Trying to sell your house or find a *responsible* subletter? Bet on it happening at the end of this month. Been on the hunt for the perfect couch that is equal parts cozy and chic? Call up your movers because it’s HAPPENING. Full moons are also a great time to reflect on the past six months and a reaffirming reminder that you, and you alone, are in charge of your destiny. As you reflect on your achievements, failures, shortcomings, and ways to improve in the new year, don’t forget that you are a force to be reckoned with, Taurus.

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Waltzing your way into 2019, you have money on your mind. January 5th is a perfect time to invest your money thanks to a new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn. Get some guidance from an investment-savvy pal, or a service such as Ellevest, before making any moves – you know better than anyone that two heads are better than one, Gemini. While you’re at it, take the time to reassess your budget for 2019. What can you afford to splurge and skim on this year?

Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, goes direct in fiery Aries on the 6th, so expect some butting heads within your friend group. About what? That’s up to Uranus, who rules the unpredictable, but the best thing is to be prepared to either mitigate or escape the heat of the battle until things settle down. In the meantime, reach out to your extended social circle – you’ll become extremely close with someone you’ve only had as an acquaintance this year!

The 20th puts your mind back where the money is, and not necessarily in a great way. Maaaaybe you didn’t invest earlier this month and are regretting it. Or the market is continuing to sell off. Or your ex hit you with the Netflix bill from all the months you were together (live and let die, man). Either way, pick a night to stay in and spend zero cash. You already live a pretty expensive lifestyle, so giving your purse a little rest will do you some good. Plus, something tells me you’ll need the extra cash, for Aquarius season is sending you an invitation to travel abroad. Have your passport at the ready!

The full moon eclipse in Leo on the 21st affects every sign differently. A full moon is a giant cosmic spotlight on your achievements…and failures. Things that are otherwise hidden are brought to light. Add in an eclipse, a “wild card” of astrology if you will, and you have yourself a real party. My advice for you? Hold your tongue…or have your PR rep on speed dial because someone will make you say some things you don’t really mean. I get it, I get it, blame it on the moon. If a blowup does occur, you’ll most likely bounce back as hard as Britney Bitch. Need more comfort? Actions always speak louder than words, so despite your scene-stealing blowup, your true friends will stay by your side.

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Ring in the new year with a midnight smooch? If not, I’d be very surprised because the first few weeks of 2019 are “Relationship Central” for you thanks to a new moon solar eclipse in Leo on the 5th. This is the perfect time for married couples to renew their vows, and for solid couples to ditch the night out on the town for a night snuggled up, rewatching Game of Thrones before the premiere date. On the flip side, as eclipses are the “wild cards” of astrology, you may receive some shocking news or revelations about your partner. Hey, we didn’t give you claws unless we wanted you to hang tight – there are always two sides to every story!

Uranus goes direct in Aries on the 6th, causing more shakeups than in the White House. Don’t worry – Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Harness the tumultuous energy from this placement to get your five year plan done in three. In addition, this placement is in your 10th house, ruling reputation and the public eye. Some gossip may stem from news about your significant other, or can be completely independent of him/her. Whatever the case, channel your inner Taylor Swift and let the haters hate with your head held high.

The 20th brings us to Aquarius season. You may not be feeling too hot during this sun transition, so nurture your nutrition. Make a green smoothie, protein balls, or bone broth soup and chill. This attention to self-care may fit perfectly with your New Year’s resolutions! As an emotional sign to start, you may also be all up in your feels come this new sun season. It’s okay to feel all that you’re feeling – feel free to share with your friends and family, you’ll be surprised how many others are affected by all that’s going on in the cosmos.

The 21st will bring some financial relief for you thanks to the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. Maybe you were waiting on a bank transfer that was delayed due to the holidays, your boss was late sending out your bonuses, or you had some debts sitting in an account that you finally have the funds to pay off. Celebrate a bit – financial freedom is #thebest. This is also the last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse axis, so take the time to reflect how you’ve allowed yourself to be free of others’ emotional baggage and create healthy boundaries. Just because you’re always there to hold and comfort others doesn’t mean you have to be a willing servant to them – they must earn your respect before receiving yours.

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We’re officially one year away from the Roaring 20s (heh, get it?), but 2019 is geared up to be just as an important year for you. On January 5th, we’ll be experiencing a solar eclipse in Capricorn, a sign dedicated to discipline and structure. If your New Year’s resolution was to be the healthiest version of yourself, this eclipse will definitely help you out with sticking to your new keto diet or workout regime.

You’ll get a push from exciting Uranus when it returns direct in Aries on the 6th to take some risks. I know you’ve been bottling up some new ideas, thoughts, and feelings out of fear what others will think. As long as it’s positive, don’t censor yourself – those around you will respond positively. So post those thoughts, drop a heavy dose of truth on others, and revel in the conversations that will stem from your courage!

Aquarius season begins on the 20th. Start off the new solar season getting those longstanding errands and appointments squared away before heading into this heated season. Aquarius is your celestial opposite and is highlighting your long-term partnership sector. So, prepare to meet thine match, loving lion (or get extra lovey dovey with your current one)!

The 21st brings a supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo. This is the last of the Aquarius-Leo eclipses so take the time to sit back and reflect on 2018. In particular, this eclipse wants you to meditate on abandonment or misunderstandings you’ve experienced with others. It may pain you to reflect, but it will become clear how strong you are to have picked up and moved on from these occurrences. Moving forward, you must realize all you need and can do for yourself vs. what support you need others’ help with. You’re a pack animal by nature, so surround yourself with those who will stay in the pride this 2019.

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It was a breeze ringing in the new year in similar-minded Capricorn…but what isn’t a breeze for you? The solar eclipse on the 5th in Capricorn will reward you for all your hard work in 2018. Keep an eye on your bank account and blessings from above! If you’re single, you’ll also be likely to make things official with the person you’ve been seeing  all winter long. Your creativity is also off the charts due to this placement. One thing’s for sure – your planner is full of TBD projects!

On the 6th, Uranus returns direct in Aries. Your finances may shift a bit, but it’s nothing to worry about. Your eighth house which rules death, sex, and transformation will be lit up throughout this celestial movement. Allow yourself to own and love certain vices and taboos rather than try to smother them – there’s no such thing as perfect, Virgo! You’ll have this energetic placement until March, so experiment and move out of your comfort zone while you have it.

You’ll be met with typical Aquarian sh*t on the 20th – social discord and drama up the wazoo. Don’t worry, it won’t be for long. The area of your chart targeting health, wellness, and daily routines is lit up during this time aka you are in HEAVEN! Take some time to declutter, reorganize, workout, and color-code your 2019 planner while waiting for the drama to pass.

You’ll have even more time to rest on the 21st, when a supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo occurs. You’ll wear yourself out battling your flaws and imperfections during this revealing time – remember, full moons (and especially supermoons) put a spotlight on the skeletons in your closet. Just remember, you’re your own toughest critic. If there’s a resolution for you in 2019, it’s to be kind to yourself. Get some rest and practice some self-care rituals this day, and for the rest of the year.

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You probably breathed a sigh of relief after the NYE parties ended, sociable Libra. The last month was a whirlwind of work and partying and your home life has thus turned into a little bit of…a mess. Use the solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th to take the time to clean up and even redecorate a bit for the new year. Did I hear someone say Home Goods?!

On the 6th, Uranus will return direct in Aries. Expect change in the relationship realm. Things and patterns that you thought you had down pat with your S.O. will be tossed out the window during this transition. Don’t worry – you can still pin them down and move forward on the same path soon after. As Aries is your opposite sign in your partnership zone, start to reconsider the bonds you have made with people over the years, not just your romantic other. You have two months in this placement to weed out and nurture those who are harming vs. helping you through life.

Aquarius season begins on the 20th and, despite your greatest efforts on your latest project or proposal…you won’t hit a bullseye with your boss. Don’t continue to force your ideas onto him/her, just keep working hard and evolving your ideas. Soon enough, you’ll get recognition. For the rest of the season, love is in the air! Explore new, exciting relationships with unexpected friends and lovers. Single Libras better get their LBD out with all the dates they’ll be going on this month!

The supermoon lunar eclipse on the 21st is a wild card of an occurrence. You may find that tensions have risen between you and some friends. While you’re normally passive aggressive during tense situations, you may feel an unexplainable urge to act aggressively this time around. DON’T say anything you’ll regret later on. Instead, take a lap and start forging new bonds with new people until tensions subside.

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It’s lucky you have a bajillion legs, Scorpio, because January 2019 will be a busy, busy month for you! Luckily, the solar eclipse in Leo on the 5th will speed up communication for you, allowing you to complete a project at work that’s been drawn out for forever. This communication enhancement may also make you the recipient of some juicy tea. XOXO GG.

You’re a creature of habit, so the return of Uranus direct in Aries will switch up your routine, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. In fact, use this shakeup to shift your obligations to fit your needs and happiness. BTW, you should tie up any loose ends and projects before Uranus enters Taurus in March, where relationships will be all the consumes your mind!

The beginning of Aquarius season on the 20th is met with interrupted travel plans. Ick. I would advise you to stay home, but if you simply must go on the jetset, prepare 3x as much in advance to avoid headaches. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it takes you forever to go through TSA just to have your favorite toner snatched away!

A supermoon lunar eclipse occurs on the 21st and with it may come a little panic attack over your long-term career goals. You may not have received an award you thought you were a shoe-in for, or were passed over for a promotion. I know this is hurtful and frustrating, but use this as an opportunity to change your strategy at work. Adapt and be flexible to the situation, Scorpio – smooth waters never made good sailors…or whatever they say.

Shop Your Sign: You’re going to either be spending a lot of time at home…or at the airport this month, so a pair of comfy joggers is key to your happiness.

5…4…3…2…1…CHA CHING! Sagittarius, you are going to be bringing in the billz this year! 2019 pushes you into a perfect place to start a side business or finally make your side hustle profitable thanks to a solar eclipse in Leo on the 5th. If there were no entrepreneurial ideas bopping around in your head (that you know of…), keep an eye out for an opportunity that may not look like much at first, but will turn out to be an amazing investment.

However, money can’t buy love. When tricky Uranus returns direct to Aries on the 6th, you may not be seeing exactly eye-to-eye with your partner, who you thought everything was absolutely perfect with before. Don’t be scared – at the best this is just an opportunity for a relationship adjustment. As Uranus also rules creativity, I’m sure you’ll both be able to come up with a creative and successful solution to your relationship woes.

Aquarius season waltzes in on the 20th, bringing a rough day for your finances. Your stream is fluctuating, you’re waiting for people to pay you back, loans are piling up and making you want to put on a blindfold a la Bird Box. All I can say is to be as prepared as possible for any wrenches in your financial plan. To take your mind of the monetary stress, schedule some quality time with your friends.

The supermoon lunar eclipse on the 21st will highlight your love for travel but tease you with a trip that you don’t have the time or money to go on at the moment. Truly, it’s a Sagittarius’ worst nightmare. As much as you want to mope and post to social media, put all your fury into your work and you’ll be on the next plane out as soon as your vacation days reset!

Shop Your Sign: First impressions are important, especially when pitching new ideas to bosses, friends, and followers. Make sure you look the part of a tycoon when getting your ideas off the ground with a printed blazer – let’s face it, you’re not one for a traditional solid staple piece, Sagittarius!

No wonder resolutions and lists are a New Year’s thing – we celebrate every new year in organized, reliable, goal-setting Capricorn! On the 5th, a solar eclipse will occur, giving you the chance to celebrate all that Capricorn is! Don’t be afraid to get a little selfish in the celebration of you – prioritize what’s on your agenda and the world will fall into place for you.

The return of Uranus to Aries on the 6th will give you the chance to spruce up you home life for once. Get some new appliances, new throws, and maybe even new bedding. This placement will also allow you to reconsider your relationship with emotional security and those in your life. Don’t be afraid to come to the realization that you may need to make a few cuts to your social team this year – it’s better to build a tower from scratch than on a shaky foundation.

Aquarius season begins on the 20th – a challenging day for partnerships in your case. Everywhere you turn, it’ll seem like you’re being met with resistance and misunderstanding. Continue to try and inspire instead of dictate – remember that you’re winning over friends and colleagues, not enemies! The beginning of Aquarius season is also the time to adjust your finances and revisit your budgeting plan now that your BDay season is over.

Speaking of money, that bill or loan you’ve been dreading will be put to rest on the 21st, when a supermoon lunar eclipse in Leo occurs. It may be a hard hit on your bank account, but you’ll have the funds to pay it off and you’ll feel SO much better once it’s out of the way. Trust me.

Shop Your Sign: Your January is going to be as bright as Times Square, so I think you’re going to need a new pair of sunglasses to help keep your eyes on the prize…err…goals! Live a little and try a unique shape or lens shade.

It feels like the calm before the birthday storm the first few weeks of January. On the fifth, a solar eclipse in Leo encourages you to slow down and practice some self-care. You really did a number on yourself during the holidays and you need to look and feel your best for when Aquarius season rolls around. The eclipse also lights up the part of your chart pertaining to psychic powers, clairvoyance, and everything beyond the veil, so your sixth sense will be working overtime! Practice some meditation to feel the full effects.

Your ruling planet, Uranus, goes direct in Aries on the 6th, shoving you into unfamiliar waters – your favorite. You’re an innovative and explorative sign by nature and will surely swim rather than sink while other signs find Uranus’ placement tricky to handle. Use this to your advantage and stir the pot, help people cut through the B.S. they brought into the new year, and serve up a healthy dose of reality to those who need it – your specialty.

While you should be ringing in Aquarius season with joy, there is conflict in the air on the 20th. You won’t know exactly why everyone is up-in-arms on this day, so play your cards conservatively…you don’t want to accidentally PO someone. Don’t worry though – the rest of your season will make sure that you’re the shining star whose innovative and progressive ideas will be both understood AND celebrated.

Full moons shine the light on the hidden, so when there’s a full moon lunar eclipse on the 21st, don’t be surprised if some skeletons are brought out of the relationship closet. Whether they belong to you or your significant other, don’t crumble immediately – eclipses are searching for weakness to strike at. You and your partner must stay strong and work through the issue in a calm manner, which can be difficult because the fact that this placement is ALSO a supermoon makes things that more dramatic. You got this, I believe in you!

Shop Your Sign: You’re going to be in a #treatyourself mood, and what better piece to show off your personality than a new bag? The more interesting, the better!

You started off 2019 with a party, now let’s keep it going! The solar eclipse in people-loving Leo on the 5th wants you to network, network, network. You team, tech, and extended community sector is highlighted during this cosmic occurrence, so bet on organic partnerships at work and friendships forming during this time. New Year, new friends!

Something regarding money will happen on the 6th when tricky Uranus returns direct in Aries. Whether it be gaining or losing some moolah, I’m not sure – Uranus loooves to shock people. However, moving forward, continue to make economic choices that have the potential to improve your financial status quo over the next two months while Uranus is in this fiery placement.

The 20th is going to be an interesting day for everyone…mostly erring on the negative side…so expect an icky day to ring in Aquarius season. Everyone, especially your significant other, will be getting on your nerves all day long. My advice? Get out of the house. Do something with your closest crew to avoid an unnecessary blowup over something as simple as who forgot to clean the popcorn maker. For the rest of Aquarius season, though, your area of intuition, psychic powers, and emotional depthness will be lit. Aquarius is known for being abstract and the progressive thinker. While other signs are not so keen on swimming into the depths of this sign, you, little fish, have no problem diving into the abstractness of life and looking at things from a different perspective.

Another day that’s affecting all of the signs is the supermoon eclipse on the 21st. While this is an emotional AF time for many, you’re going to be feeling the stress from this cosmic occurrence physically. So, stock up on that Emergen-C and make self-care your highest priority this day. Don’t run yourself down!

Shop Your Sign: Success is in the details and, since you’ll be networking your fins off this month, I think it would be perfect to treat yourself to some new jewelry. How about these earrings that remind you of your watery roots?



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