The Sunday Sum Up [2/3/19]

Hi everyone,

Long time, no chat. First of all, Go Rams, Beat Brady.

Okay, so a lot has happened this past month that made me pump the brakes on some posts, plans, and 2019 resolutions. To make up for this itty bitty setback, I’ve decided to make like Bloomingdale’s fiscal year and start my New (new) Year on February 1st. Oh, yea, I work for Bloomingdale’s now on the buying track! Cool, right? I’m currently planning a post on that later on in the month, but so far it is amazing – I am learning a ton and am finally happy and comfortable in an industry I adore. But, as some of you may know, starting a new job – especially when you’ve never been in a corporate environment – is a bit of a mental drain…so I’ve been taking it easy on social media and blogging and giving my body some time to rest and adjust to my new hours and workload before tweaking and reintroducing my daily routines back into it.


Anyways, January was a blur. 2019 obviously happened. I then hopped on a plane to Aruba with Ian and his family for a week. We stayed at the Hyatt (gorgeous), had a grand ole’ time enjoying the sun and surf (check out my Aruba travel guide here), and even discovered some new places on the island this time around.

Satisfied with my tan, I flew back home and hit the ground running all the way to 59th street to start my new Bloomies career (and to buy some shoes…the fifth floor isn’t called Shoe York for nothing).

Fast forward three weeks and here I am reevaluating, planning, and learning to flow instead of force. Picking up healthy habits instead of planning my day out down to the second, taking the time to sit back and breathe instead of constantly feeding my ‘go go go’ mentality, and being in the moment are at the top of my list, as well as the usual career goals, fitness/health goals (I’m kissing sugar goodbye, wish me luck), and travel goals (I have my eyes set on Asia this fall…Japan in particular).

So, cheers to the new year, new goals, new jobs, new wishes, new beginnings. Here’s to the first Sunday Sum Up of the 2019!

Articles To Catch Up On

‘Exercise Snacks’ are a thing now, and I wish they were chocolate. By snacks, scientists mean three 20 second rounds of climbing up the stairs (or another cardio bursting workout that’s office-appropriate) throughout the workday. Participants in this NYT study increased their aerobic fitness by 5% in six weeks by ‘snacking’ on the stairs. Now let’s hope that your job is cool with sneakers.

*Chris Harrison voice* The most dramatic year yet is about to unfold as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney continue to battle for the viewers’ final rose. To start the drama off, Netflix raises its subscription rates as Hulu lowers theirs. Hulu’s new $5.99 standard rate will debut on February 26th. Call me crazy but Hulu could lower their subscription down to a penny and I still wouldn’t pay for streaming with ads. But, there is a dark horse on the horizon who could sweep viewers off their feet. Disney, the ‘well-oiled franchise machine’ we have all come to love is finishing up their FOX merger in March and then focusing all of their attention on overthrowing Netflix. Because of their size, I’m sure they have more to spend on original content, plus they’ll be pulling all of their movies and shows off of Netflix’s catalogue. It’ll be interesting to see what viewers, especially ones with families, gravitate towards once Disney + is released but, in the meantime, here’s an article covering the timeline and hurdles Mickey has to overcome before capturing the streaming kingdom.

Not much to say on this, but Peter Jackson is directing a Beatles film. The movie will surround the tense recording sessions of the band’s last album, Let It Be, and feature never-before-seen studio footage shot in 1969. Take my money.

It’s Superbowl Sunday and, while I very much prefer curling up for the PuppyBowl with a buff chick dip all to myself, I will never pass up the opportunity to see Tom Brady cry (Let’s Go Rams!). While I’m hoping for a repeat of last year, the commercials this year, however, will be more political rather than clever/funny/weird/startling than ever before.  According to reports, Coca Cola will have a 60 second ad before the National Anthem pleading for unity, setting the soapbox up for the rest of the brands who have paid billions to give their two cents on the state of the world/political climate/country divided. I, for one, will definitely be tuning in.

This Week’s Wishlist: Bloomingdale’s

Recommended Read

Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen. Champagne Supernovas follows these three icons of the 90s who mastered, influenced, and defined the flow of fashion, culture, and art as we know it. Juicy, fast-paced, thorough, and as gritty as the grunge movement, you don’t have to be a fashion junkie to enjoy this read!

This Week In Meal Prep

One of my many New Years Resolutions was to meal prep and bring my own lunch to work more often (the goal is every day but…I’m human, I will definitely slip up every now and then). But, after spending three weeks buying lunch at work, I decided that it would be both healthier and monetarily beneficial for me to take some time on the weekend to grocery shop and prep some meals. Writing it down for all to see will (hopefully) hold me to this healthy habit I’m trying to instill, and maybe give you some meal inspo to get you out of a salad rut.

In terms of where I’m getting my recipes from, I subscribe to Tone It Up’s nutrition plan – I love their recipes as they are fairly minimal and easy to make as well as filling. I also have the Oh She Glows app, which has a good amount of vegetarian recipes that are tasty as heck. The rest of my cravings? I have the internet to thank for that.


So, I do not eat breakfast during the week, or really ever. If anything, I brunch…ANYWAYS. I’ve never been a breakfast person for as long as I can remember and, since I stop eating at 8:30pm during the week, skipping breakfast and not eating until 12:30/1pm acts as a period of intermittent fasting, which studies have shown does wonders for your metabolism, brain function, and lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease. What I do consume in the morning as I get ready for work is the following:

-1 cups of warm water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper as soon as I wake up and while checking emails.

-1 cup of chlorophyll water as I do my hair/makeup

and (obviously)

-1 cup of black coffee that I usually take on the go


  • Lunch: I’m making a pot of lean and clean turkey chili for the Super Bowl and am setting aside a bowl for tomorrow before everyone digs in. This is the recipe I’m using.
  • Dinner: Keeping it simple with zoodles and chicken meatballs. I’m making a larger batch so I can eat this for dinner tomorrow too. Psst, this is the best spiralizer ever!


  • Lunch: I’m bringing in a Mediterranean Lentil Bowl (making enough for lunch for the next two days). I’m nowhere near vegetarian or vegan status, but I love to try and get as much protein from plants as I possibly can and lentils are chock-full of it. This is a super easy lunch to prep as it’s just lentils, roasted chickpeas + sweet potato rounds (drizzled in EVOO, cumin, curry, s&p before roasting), sauteed kale, hummus, curry powder, and a mix of other Mediterranean flavors and spices.
  • Dinner: Leftover zoodles and chicken meatballs


  • Lunch: Leftover Mediterranean Lentil Bowl
  • Dinner: Going out with the girls, but sticking to a lean protein, veggies, + a healthy app wherever we end up!


  • LunchSticking with the lentil trend and making a Butternut Squash Lentil Soup with my new Ninja blender!
  • Dinner: Keeping it simple with a lean bowl! All you have to do is cook quinoa or cauliflower rice for your base, add as many veggies as you want, choose your protein (salmon, chicken, turkey, shrimp, tofu, etc.), and a healthy source of fat like guac or pumpkin/sunflower seeds (they taste even better when seasoned and toasted!). Throw together and season accordingly. SO easy to make in bigger batches, too.


  • Lunch: Leftover Lean Bowl.
  • Dinner: (whether you stay in or go out) A healthy source of lean protein, steamed veggies, and a healthy app.

And there you have it! I’ll have to tune in next week to tell you about how it went, whether I stuck to it or not, and even how much groceries actually ended up costing for future reference.

Product of the Week

I gave this brand a shoutout a few weeks ago on my IG Story but, honestly, I truly don’t know where I (or my hair) would be without Pai-Shau’s new leave-in conditioner (fittingly called ‘Something To Beleave-In‘). From the salty sea of Aruba to the dry, cold NYC winds whipping my hair into a frenzy, my curls have stayed moisturized and shiny since I started spraying this tea-infused leave in conditioner on my hair after my shower, before I go to bed. Plus, it smells amazing and is well priced (psst…Pai-Shau is having a 15% off sale on their website for the next three days – hop on it!!)




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